The Benefits of Spray Foam

Energy Efficient - Earth Friendly - Performance

Are you looking to improve the comfort, energy efficiency or air quality of your home? Spray foam insulation can do all of those things and more. We can provide you and your family protection from outside pollutants, moisture, noise and high-energy bills due to unwanted air leakage.

As energy costs continue to rise, homeowners are turning more toward spray foam as their preferred choice of insulation due to its super efficiency and long-term effectiveness. Spray foam can offer your home improved indoor air quality, comfortable and consistent temperatures, and low monthly energy bills.

Spray Foam Insulation is good for multiple applications including:

  • Superior Insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Sealed Crawl Spaces
  • Improving the Comfort of Attics
  • Noise Reduction of Garage Ceilings
  • Reduction of Outdoor Pollutants and Allergens
  • Energy Efficient
  • Air Sealing

We install two different types of spray foam insulation: open-cell and closed-cell foam. The goals you want to achieve with your insulation will decide what kind of foam is best for your property. Our insulation experts are dedicated to giving you the best spray foam insulation experience possible with impeccable results.

The Benefits of Spray Foam

Open-Cell Spray Foam

Open-cell foam has a density of about 0.5 lb. per cubic foot and an R-value of 3.5 or 3.6 per inch. This type of foam is relatively vapor-permeable and is made of bio-based raw materials. Open-cell foams use water primarily as the blowing agent.
Compared to closed-cell foam, our open-cell foam insulation:
  • Uses significantly less material, making it a prime choice from a resource-use standpoint
  • Is suitable for interior insulation and is less costly than closed-cell foam
  • Has a soft, sponge texture that retains a continual air seal throughout the building’s structural movement and setting
  • Lets bulk water pass through it through bi-directional drying that eliminates the chance of condensation and mold growth
  • Will allow water to wick in the event of a leak
Open-Cell Spray Foam

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Closed-cell foam is a lot denser than open-cell foam, weighing in at about 2 lb. per cubic foot and an R-value of 6 to 6.5 per inch. Closed-cell foam is also a vapor retarder and uses a chemical blowing agent. Unlike open-cell foam, closed cell foam can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces – this makes it more versatile. At Wildcat Enterprises, our closed-cell foam insulation:
  • Has a higher R-value per inch and can accommodate code requirements in narrow spaces
  • Has a rigid texture which adds wall-racking strength and impact resistance to your property
  • Can be used in colder environments as well as warmer environments
Closed-Cell Spray Foam